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Mixtape CD Duplication

If you’re looking to get some CD copies for your latest mixtape, we got you.

Why Every Artist Should Still Release Mixtapes

Mixtapes are a relic of the past that many people still enjoy, and mixtape duplication is a service that we offer. We make mixtapes in CD format. Our mixtape duplication services come at an affordable price – for example, we have packages starting as low as $50 for 100 CDs.

Why Choose OneDollarCDDuplication?

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Platinum Package CD Duplication

Why Mixtapes Still Matter in a Streaming World

It is no doubt that with many online streaming services like Spotify have made large impacts in the music distribution world. But…. this doesn’t mean that the days of Mixtape CD Duplication are over.

Mixtapes are a unique way to share your favorite music with friends and family. You can make mixtapes for mixtape cd duplication of whatever songs you want, and choose to market them however you want.

If you’ve got mixtapes that you’d like duplicated in CD format, then contact us today.



The Money You Can Make with Mixtapes

Tom McDonald standing infront of his mixtapes

Above in the photo is rapper Tom McDonald. Tom is an independent rapper that has easily made over $1,000,000 with his music. He didn’t do this with just streams either, Tom sells his merch and mixtapes online to his hardcore fans. Sometimes the mixtapes can cost anywhere from $10-$40 depending on the bundle he offers. 

Tom is easily standing infront of atleast 10,000 mixtapes that were duplicated, so even to see them all for $10 he will make $100,o00. That’s not too bad for just some mixtapes right?

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